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Festival Insurance | Definitions Of Coverage

Commercial General Liability:  Commercial General Liability coverage is designed to protect the Insured against lawsuits brought by Third Parties for Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage arising out of a specific occurrence while on tour, on location, or at the Insured’s business premises.

General Aggregate / Occurrence: The aggregate is the total liability limit for the policy period. The occurrence is the limit per claim.
Waiver of Subrogation: Usually required by contract. In the event of loss, this prevents your insurance company from recovering any funds from the vendor if the claim was due to the vendor’s negligence.
Event Cancellation - Optional: This policy reimburses you for your net loss should the performance/event be necessarily cancelled, postponed or rescheduled due to any peril except what is excluded
Non Appearance - Optional: Protect you from the non appearance of a person or group (performer, speaker, player, invited guest, team, etc. 
Excess Liability - Optional: Provides an additional layer of coverage over the general liability. It does not provide excess over the liquor liability nor the hired & non-owned auto liability
Liquor Liability - Optional: Provides coverage for the following losses for which you may be held liable for: 1) causing or contributing to the intoxication of a person, 2) The accidental furnishing of alcoholic beverages to a person under the legal drinking age or under the influence of alcohol, or 3) Any statute, ordinance, or regulation relating to the sale, gift, distribution, or use of alcoholic beverages. Note that host liquor is not included without purchasing liquor liability coverage.
Non-owned Auto Definition - Optional:
Legal Definition: In commercial auto policies, refers to a vehicle the insured neither rents, borrows, owns or leases.
Translation: Generally refers to cars your employees own that are used for company business.
Equipment Floater- optional - Optional:
This policy provides “All Risk” protection against the loss of owned or rented scheduled &/or unscheduled equipment due to theft or damage. Property covered includes, but is not limited to, musical, sound and lighting equipment, stages and wardrobe. Coverage’s are usually written on a worldwide basis. Please review the insured’s current limit to determine if the current limits are sufficient.
Equipment insurance includes your vendors being provided with certificates of insurance naming them as loss payee in the event of a loss.
Weather - Optional: Weather insurance protects any financial loss you may incur due to specific weather perils, such as rain, snow, extreme temperatures, wind, etc. Weather insurance can help offset decreased attendance and/or sales in that your expenses and profits can be insured.
  • The cost varies by time of year and location.
  • Our minimum premium is $600.
  • Coverage is tailor-made for each event or business.
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