Event Cancellation

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Event Cancelation Insurance

With access to several Premier Insurance Companies, CSI can place coverage at the most competitive premiums for almost any event around the globe. Event Cancelation can be purchased to protect event expenses or revenue against cancelation or abandonment caused by reasons beyond your control.

This policy reimburses you for your net loss — should the performance or event be necessarily canceled, postponed or rescheduled due to any peril except what is excluded.

Non-Appearance Insurance:

If your event relies on the appearance of a person or group (performer, speaker, player, invited guest, team, etc.), this option will protect you from the non-appearance of that individual. Generally, including this option requires a medical exam of the specific individual.


This concerns specific weather conditions such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, lightning, or any other life-threatening weather condition. These weather conditions must prevent the majority of the audience from reaching the venue where your event is taking place.


Unavoidable travel delays (aircraft or other modes of transportation), equipment delays, mechanical breakdown, power failures.

Natural Disaster:

Fire, earthquake or other damage that causes your venue to be unusable.

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