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Weather Insurance

Weather insurance protects your event against adverse weather conditions which may reduce revenue or increase expenses from sources such as ticket sales, concessions, food and parking. It can also be used to increase sales for retail operations as well as stabilize a budget for certain businesses where their revenue is tied solely to weather.  Typical buyers of event weather insurance include fairs and festivals, concerts, sporting events, parades and air shows. It can provide coverage for many perils including rain, snow, wind, lightning and adverse weather.

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Target Insureds
  1. Concerts
  2. Fairs / festivals
  3. Sporting events
  4. Air shows
  5. Parades
  6. Property management companies
  7. Municipalities / towns
  8. Car washes
  9. Auto dealers
  10. Weddings
  11. Jewelers and other retailers
How much rain might affect your event? See the rain guidelines.
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