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Rain Insurance Guide

Selected Rainfall Threshold

This is the amount of rainfall chosen by you, if met or exceeded, results in a valid claim. Following are some common threshold choices. These descriptions are offered only as a guide, because many variables such as terrain, drainage, and intensity can alter the descriptions.

1/100 (.01) inch of rain
The least amount of measurable rainfall recorded by the National Weather Service. This amount slightly wets the surface without leaving puddles on the ground and is considered non-intrusive to outdoor events. Example: A light shower for 2-5 minutes or a drizzle for two hours.

1/10 (.10) inch of rain
A light rain for 30-40 minutes, moderate rain for 10 minutes, or heavy rain for 5 minutes. Small puddles form but usually disappear after a short while.

1/4 (.25) inch of rain
A light rain for 2-3 hours, moderate rain for 30-60 minutes, or heavy rain for 15 minutes, forming many puddles that do not disappear easily.

1/2 (.50) inch of rain
A light rain never reaches this amount, so it entails moderate rain for 1-2 hours, or heavy rain for 30-45 minutes, resulting in deep standing water for long periods of time.

To understand the differences in the appearance of amounts of rain, pay attention the next time it rains in your area. How long does the rain last? How intrusive is the rain? How much do you think accumulated? Check the local newspaper the next day for a report on rainfall amounts.

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